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Damien Drew is an Australian photographer and feature film Art Director with a passion for documenting the built environment and our relationship with it. He is fascinated with what he sees as a loss of a sense of place and texture and it's rapid replacement with a globally generic built environment. His images ask us to pay attention to scenes and details habitually passed over, presenting beauty in unlikely places. Damien's feature film credits include Ridley Scott’s Alien Covenant, The Great Gatsby, Star Wars and The Matrix films. He holds an Architecture degree from UNSW, Sydney which informs his passion for the man made environment. His photography is a natural extension of his film work and education. It is also a personal vehicle for visual story telling.

デミエン・ドリューはアートディレクター そしてプロダクションデザイナーであり、エイリアン: コヴェナント、華麗なるギャツビー、スターウォーズ、マトリックスシリズの長編映画クレジットを含めます。 彼はニューサウスウェールズ州大学で建築を卒業して、それから構築された環境と視覚ストーリーテリングもに対する情熱を持っています。

For Production Design/Art Direction please head here damiendrew.com